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Nov. 16, 2022


The house lately has been so filled with illness that I have taken measures to insure it leaves. I recently learned that if you take pine boughs and place them in a pot on your stove to simmer, you can fumigate your whole house. It has been crazy that way here. We have been dealing with a severe cold for over a month. I want some curing going on. 

I recently had a guest on my podcast who, after much research, assessed what was really important in her family's life. She is both a homeschool mom and author. Her book, How to Give Your Kid a Great Education Without Losing Your Job (or Your Mind), explains how anyone can homeschool and gives different hacks and tips for doing so. Sometimes in life we have to reevaluate what is really important. 

During this time of sickness I have come to reevaluate some things. I hope to continue with the podcast, but I have narrowed it down to interviews with guests only on Wednesdays and as of November 25, I will be doing Fridays for topics of my own. We are trying to homestead and are realizing the ugly things that go with it as well as the good. We have been having trouble getting the goat shed built as well as some sickness going on with our rooster. I have come to realize in the midst of it all that I wouldn't, for the most part, trade if for anything else. I want to build a life of simplicity. I would love to slow down and just enjoy my homestead, my husband and daughters and future grandchildren, if there are any. Life is too short not to enjoy it along the way. 

I have guests who will coming on the show all the way through to next June. I have truly enjoyed podcasting, though lately because of everything else going on, it has been a challenge. My episodes have been late, I have come unprepared to some interviews and my mind just hasn't been where it needs to be. I have had, lately at least, to just stop and take a breath. I just let the stress fall away. I need to. It is important to take that breath realizing that all will be well and will pass. 

I have decided not to do a newsletter. I have this blog. I don't need to add another thing to my palette. Life can be overwhelming; many times it is our own fault. There are times when I step back, take a good long look and sort out those things important from things that are non essential. It is healthy to do so now and then. Just in this week's episode, we need to realize what really matters in life. What will be the most beneficial? What will make the most impact into someone else's life? What will people remember when you are gone? 

As I write this blog, it is cold, wet and dreary. I could dwell on that. I won't. I will dwell on the fact that I am gaining in my health, I am warm and fed and most importantly that God is good. Reassessment is key in getting the right perspective. It is key in knowing the direction that you need to go in. 

As I close, I ask for prayers for my little flock of chickens. I know. They are chickens. They are however important to me and I want them to be in the best health. I am praying for Knightley's healing and that this illness doesn't spread through the whole flock. I have done all that I can, so the rest is up to God. We will hopefully be getting our goats next month. We are almost done with the shed. It has been such a blessing to see our little homestead grow. I hope to use it to feed others and educate others to feed themselves. Homesteading is growing in this country. It is not just tips and techniques but a way of life. It is one that I hope to have and grow in. 

Happy Homesteading,